Reach the People Next Door

jesusreturned2The urban community is far from what it used to be, even 10 years ago. Cities are quickly changing, diversifying, and growing rapidly. The cities’ inhabitants are from a variety of backgrounds, beliefs and cultures. Not only is there the challenge of understanding a neighbor from a different country, but also the problem of understanding a neighbor from a different generation, socio-economic status, or social orientation.

A paradigm shift is needed and the MissionShift Institute was established to address this situation, in order to rise up a new generation of pastors and laity equipped with a vision and strategy for urban ministry. MissionShift covers these units:

    • The City – Learning about St. Louis and how it works
    • Culture and How to Cross Cultural Boundaries
    • Entrepreneuring the Church
    • World Religions
    • Resourcing & Grant Writing
    • Entrepreneuring the Church
    • Challenges of the City
    • The Urban Ministry Group Project

The MissionShift Learning Experience

Our curriculum is enriched by thirty local Christian leaders, who bring their years of experience and insights into the classroom. Then, students are led into immersion experiences where classroom learning is applied in real environments.